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Learn how you can protect your property throughout the year. The best locksmith tips by distinguished pros

Keep keys hidden

Keys can be taken before you notice they are missing. If they are left close to open windows or on a table, they might get stolen or used as toys by kids or pets. Key replacement is easy but your house or loved ones might be at stake.

Don't keep car keys in the car

If someone manages to break in through the garage, it would be a blessing to find your ignition car key in the car. Your kid may also try out his driving skills. The consequences could be terrible and Locksmith Lacey recommends avoiding leaving vehicle keys exposed.

Out of line doors

Sometimes, weather changes may cause the door to get out of line. Thus, the UPVC door won’t be opened no matter how hard you try. Therefore, it is important for you to wait a little longer before trying to open the door again to be safe.

Trim the trees to avoid burglaries

If there is a tall tree close to your home windows, take precautions. Our professionals know well that many burglars will climb on trees and take advantage of long tree branches to get into your home through the window. So, check that the trees are trimmed and your windows have the best possible high security locks.

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