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Our services aim to provide you the highest security for your buildings. To learn more about our locksmith services, read our frequently asked questions

You will find our answers helpful when you have lock problems and wonder whether to repair them or not. Learn when lock rekey is needed.

Should I rekey my new home's locks?

When you move to new houses, the first thing you should do is to rekey locks. That's the most effective way to keep previous tenants out according to our locksmiths in Lacey. You'll actually have a new key to open the door.

How often should I repair locks?

Lock repair depends on the condition of bolts. Remember that the entire lock mechanism must be in perfect condition to provide security. If the knob is loose, the latch bolt is not aligned or the cylinder damaged, repair is required.

Should I have keys on indoor doors?

If there are no children in the house, keys come handy since they provide privacy especially in the bathroom. Though, the presence of kids arise security questions since they can be locked in while playing. So, it's best to remove all keys from internal door locks.

What type of screws work for brass bolts?

It is better to follow the advice of our professionals by using the larger recommended ones rather than seeking to save money with cheaper alternatives. The japanned varieties are particularly good because they hold fast and are not subject to heat expansion.

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