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Rekeying your Door Locks

10/11/2014 Back To Blog

Have you just leased an apartment or moved into a new house? The previous resident may have left you copies of the keys to all the door locks, but how sure are you that you solely have all the copies? Do not make it easy for potential thieves to enter the house. Why not call our residential locksmith to rekey all the locks at the exterior doors for your peace of mind? This service is offered by most locksmith companies, so it should be easy for you to find one in your area.

Reasons to Consider Rekeying:

Aside from the reasons stated, lock rekey is also recommendable if your house or car has recently been entered by thieves. This is also the wisest step to take after losing your keys. Rekeying ensures that only you have the copy of keys. You may also wish to have your locks rekeyed during home remodeling or upgrading. This is a practical safety measure instead of lock replacement. There are rekeying kits available for handy homeowners, but you can spare the additional expense and trouble by just having it completed by a trusted professional. Qualified locksmiths are trained to rekey different types of locks.

How it is Done

In pin-and-tumbler locks, rekeying can be done by changing the wafer configuration or tumbler of the lock so that a new key functions while the old one will not. This was introduced by a locksmith from New Jersey in 1836. His name was Solomon Andrews. He used a lock that had adjustable keys and tumblers, so that rekeying is allowed anytime. In 1850, together with Newell, he patented removable tumblers. These can be taken apart and changed or scrambled. The keys have interchangeable bits that match different tumbler configurations. This design was later used for combination locks.

Residential lock rekey saves money and keeps your home safe. Property owners are sometimes required by their state to provide rekeying for new tenants. The only time this process is not possible is when the old locks are damaged since the pins and tumblers are simply altered. Professional locksmiths do it fast and properly, so you do not have to worry about your locks anymore. Rekeying remains the best solution if you just lost your keys since it is cheaper, faster, plus more convenient. Just make sure to hire experienced and trustworthy technicians for your safety.

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